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Current Conditions for Evergreen, AL
Feels Like: 81ºF
Humidity: 40%
Wind: 14 MPH E
Tuesday 84ºF 58ºF
Wednesday 85ºF 61ºF
Thursday 87ºF 60ºF
Friday 89ºF 60ºF
Saturday 91ºF 63ºF

Market Watch

Dow Jones Stock Index Chart
Stock Last Change (%)
S&P5002090.19-24.30  (-1.15%)
NASDAQ4938.23-78.70  (-1.57%)
DJI17922.39-148.01  (-0.82%)

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Daily Horoscope for Leo

Though you may be the life of the party on other days, right now you'd rather sit quietly with close family and read or play games. It's not a sign of anything serious -- you just need a break!