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Current Conditions for Evergreen, AL
Partly Cloudy
67ºFPartly Cloudy
Feels Like: 68ºF
Humidity: 84%
Wind: 0 MPH CLM
Tuesday 76ºF 65ºF
Wednesday 83ºF 65ºF
Thursday 82ºF 67ºF
Friday 78ºF 68ºF
Saturday 83ºF 61ºF

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Dow Jones Stock Index Chart
Stock Last Change (%)
S&P5002048.04-4.28  (-0.21%)
NASDAQ4765.780.00  (0.00%)
DJI17492.93-8.01  (-0.05%)

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Daily Horoscope for Pisces

You and your family are getting along really well today and you may have an easier time bringing up touchy subjects. In fact, at least one problem is almost all in your head, so let it out!