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Current Conditions for Evergreen, AL
Feels Like: 64ºF
Humidity: 57%
Wind: 16 MPH E
Saturday 61ºF 43ºF
Sunday 70ºF 50ºF
Monday 73ºF 55ºF
Tuesday 77ºF 62ºF
Wednesday 76ºF 47ºF

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Dow Jones Stock Index Chart
Stock Last Change (%)
S&P5002104.50-6.24  (-0.30%)
NASDAQ4963.53-24.36  (-0.49%)
DJI18132.70-81.72  (-0.45%)

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Daily Horoscope for Scorpio

Your energy levels are sky-high, so try to get your hands on lots of projects today! You should be able to keep at it longer than anyone else, and your amazing mood should help you to have fun with it all.