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Current Conditions for Evergreen, AL
Feels Like: 69ºF
Humidity: 96%
Wind: 5 MPH S
Sunday 81ºF 65ºF
Monday 82ºF 53ºF
Tuesday 77ºF 52ºF
Wednesday 79ºF 58ºF
Thursday 80ºF 59ºF

Market Watch

Dow Jones Stock Index Chart
Stock Last Change (%)
S&P5002081.18-23.81  (-1.13%)
NASDAQ4931.82-75.97  (-1.52%)
DJI17826.30-279.47  (-1.54%)

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Daily Horoscope for Taurus

Your intensity is making life pretty sweet -- even f folks are sometimes put off by it. On a day like today, though, you should be able to push things through to a much better place.