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Personal Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts

Two withdrawals are permitted per month. Withdrawals in excess of that will be $2.00 each. A minimum balance of $50.00 must be maintained monthly to avoid a monthly maintenance charge of $3.00.  In addition if the account balance falls below $50.00 during the first 90 days, a $30.00 penalty may be applied for falling below the minimum new account balance.

Christmas Club Account

Special consumer savings accounts are offered to avoid the onset of debt frequently occurring for the Christmas holiday shopping time. A special interest rate is offered on these accounts and many are set up by payroll deduction from local employers. In order to discourage using these funds prior to Christmas, the Bank of Evergreen imposes a $30.00 fee and the forfeiture of all interest accrued if this account is closed prior to maturity.

Certificates of Deposit

The Bank of Evergreen offers Certificates of Deposit (CD’s) for fixed term deposits for terms from 3 months to 5 years. The bank often offers special rates on specific products so please contact our office to learn about any current specials and to find out about current rates and terms.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Please contact the Bank of Evergreen directly for more information on opening an IRA.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Payroll direct deposit is offered for our savings and checking account customers. Direct deposit eliminates the need to make a special trip to the bank each payday as your money is automatically put into your account on your payday. No more waiting in line, and no waiting for your paycheck to clear before being able to write checks.